• Agility Training

    Agility Foundation Training

    For  dogs to undertake agility classes they need to be 12 months old or over,  however your puppy can start agility foundation training from  6 months old. The classes will provide both you and your dog with a great introduction to agility without any high impact training.   The flatwork & foundation classes will not involve equipment but will  cover useful exercises and help with confidence and building drive.  

    • Using toy & treat drive teach new behaviours
    • Following body movement 
    • Basic handling techniques 
    • A perfect wait 
    • Confidence on different surfaces 
    • Self control (Toy, treats and other dogs)
    • Body awareness
    • Teaching a target behaviour for future contact training 

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    Agility for Beginers, Novice & Advance

    Our training classes cover all aspects of agility training in Cheltenham. You will be trained by one of our experienced agility trainers to reach the highest standards possible. We have agility classes in Cheltenham for owners wanting to do it for fun and owners that want to compete with their dog. Our classes are small so you are sure to get the training you need. You will be put into a group depending on experience so you will never be held back. We can train any breed of dog to take part in this exciting sport, the only requirement is that they are fit and healthy. 

    Classes and 1 to 1 training available (This will come with homework games to speed up your training between lessons).  

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    1 to 1 Competition training

    Are you already competing in the agility world? Our trainers can help you brush up on your technics to shave off those extra seconds. We can help you with whatever issues you are having in the ring.

    • Contact Training
    • Wing wraps
    • Drive
    • Waits
    • Focus
    • Weaves
    • Course walking
    • The list is endless... contact us for more info

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