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"I was told that my puppy needed putting down and no dog trainer could help, she started snapping at people out of fear after she had a couple of scary incidents. I couldn't trust her around my daughter but after only 4 sessions she's so much better. I can't thank you enough!"


 "We have worked with Vinny for well over a year and the result now, is the dog you see in the picture all the time. He is a beautifully behaved, confident and happy dog. Vinny will help you understand him, teach you training techniques that can be applied to any difficult situation (new baby, reactive dog, unconfident dog and more). Before this the only other option from 3 other trainers and vets was to put him down..this was never an option but Vinny was the first person to see his heart of gold. We couldn't go anywhere without a reaction at another dog or person now I can happily take him wherever I want with no issues. He loves life and we love life with him, especially knowing how happy he is now. If you are prepared to put in work and apply the techniques they will teach you then IT WILL 100% WORK."


"Unbelievable results for my dog Ace! he was a nightmare for us to walk, attacked people and dog. We spent a fortune with other trainers just to be told there was no hope and needed to be put to asleep! Vinny at Cotswold Dog Training was recommend to us by a friend and I can honestly say he saved my dogs life! After just 4 session he was a completely different dog, Happy, confident and actually loved to now be with dogs and people! Can not recommend them enough!!"  

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 "Vinny is incredible at what he does! Just 1 hour with our pup and she had picked it all up! It’s more training for us I think as we didn’t know where to start! But following the tips he gave us, today I was able to take our dog off the lead and she came back when called even with other dogs distracting her! Can’t recommend Cotswold dog training enough!" 


"Poppy is 9 years old and never done agility before. When working with Vinny he had tought her right from the beginning to enjoy the training. She picked up agility really quickly from doing the jumps to tunnels! More importantly she loved every bit of it as you can see in the picture. Poppy continues to do agility every week as she enjoys it so much! Vinny is outstanding with the work he does and i'm very grateful for what he has done with poppy!"


 "Cannot recommend Cotswold Dog Training enough. We were doing agility training with Vinny and the team and our collie has now been diagnosed with shoulder OCD so cannot do it any longer. We asked for Vinny to help us with something to keep our dogs brain busy whilst he is on limited exercise and so Vinny is helping us with trick training! He makes all his lessons fun and the dogs are always happy. Would Definitely recommend for all your training needs"