• Behaviour Training


    • Pulling on the lead 
    • Coming back when called/recall
    • Doorway manners
    • Nervous/fearful dog 
    • Barking Self control/hyperactivity/excitable behaviour 
    • Stealing food or other objects resource guarding 
    • Jumping up 
    • Prey drive or chase habits
    • Managing multiple dog households 
    • Dog to dog aggression 
    • Dog to human aggression 

    1 to 1 Training

    Cotswold Dog Training offer 1 to 1 training for you and your dog in Cheltenham and surrounding areas, this service is planned around the issues you are having. We find this option works best for the owners and dogs allowing them to learn at their own speed without distractions. This is a 1 hour visit, and can be done at your home, Local Park or our training ground depending on your dog’s issues.  After your training lesson you will be given a homework plan to work on and email/phone support. Training cost from just £25 (depending on issues and travel)   

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    Interactive workshops

    Each workshop runs for approximately 4 hours.  Bring your dog along to join in with the training. This is a training class aimed to educate dog handlers how to use our training techniques to help them in everyday life. The workshops usually take place on a weekend with a Maximum of 4 dogs and handlers. The cost is just £50 for each handler and ideal for dog owners, rescue staff, volunteers and Dog walkers.  

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