• Trick/skill Training

    Trick training

    Do you enjoy training your dog new tricks and skills? These small classes will be right up your street, each week you will learn new, fun & exciting tricks to train your dog. You will be able to impress and your friend & family with your talented pooch. Classes last for 1 hour each week and you can aim to achieve 3 levels (Bronze, silver & Gold) in this class.
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    Film & TV work Training

     Have you got the next Hollywood star at the end of your lead?  We offer Film & TV training in Cheltenham for your dog. These are small classes that focus on the skills and behaviour required to gain work on the big screen.  Once you have achieved a standard expected by Cotswold Dog Training we will then work with agents across the uk to help you gain work for your dog. 

    Classes and 1 to 1 training available!  Book Now

    Heelwork to music

    This puts all the tricks and skills you have learnt together with music. You will work with one of our trainers to choreograph a routine and fully proof it before entering into competition & displays. This is designed to build a great bond between you and your furry best friend! 

    We only offer this as 1 to 1 training, allowing us to fully focus on your requirements.  Book a lesson