Trick/skill Training


Trick Training

Do you enjoy training your dog new tricks and skills? We offer small classes that will be right up your street. Each week you will learn new, fun & exciting tricks to train your dog. Impressing your friends & family with your talented pooch. Classes last for 1 hour each week and you can aim to achieve 3 levels (Bronze, silver & Gold) in this class.
Classes and 1 to 1 training available!  

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Film & TV Work Training

 You may just have the next Hollywood star at the end of your lead! There is only one way to find out? Here's how...

 We offer Film & TV training in Cheltenham for your dog. These are small classes that focus on skills and behaviour required to gain work on the big screen. Once achieving a standard expected by Cotswold Dog Training we will then work with agents across the UK to help you gain work for your dog. 

Classes and 1 to 1 training available!

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Heelwork To Music

This puts all the tricks and skills you have learnt together with music. You will work with one of our trainers to choreograph a routine and fully proof it before entering into a competition & displays. This will definitely build a great bond between you and your furry best friend! 

We only offer this as 1 to 1 training, allowing us to fully focus on your requirements. 

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